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CEEP is an online e-portfolio built on biblical principles of education for the purpose of documenting, presenting and assessing educational attainment for all ages and stages of development. It is a creative and versatile approach to organising and displaying learning in an orderly way for a variety of audiences and purposes. Parents and teachers can use CEEP to aid in the management and evidencing of educational experiences and attainments of children and young people.


CEEP can accommodate learners, following a wide range of curriculums, by inputting their learning and presenting it in a way that reveals progress toward or attainment of biblical principles and goals of education. CEEP can be a lifelong learning aid going beyond childhood into early and later adult educational pursuits. It is also an avenue from a narrow conventional education to a broader dynamic true to life education.



Some features


  • Accessing Divine sources of learning
  • Parent, teacher, learner goal setting
  • Learner self-assessment
  • Internal evaluation of ongoing learning
  • Qualification & Certification Standard (comparison to national qualification levels)
  • Data and diagrammatic presentation of attainment
  • Accommodates a wide range of learning abilities and styles
  • Broad objective validation process





  • CEEP Learner
  • CEEP Parent
  • CEEP Teacher
  • Tutorial Entry Guide





CEEP includes a validation process for users which will enable it to be used as evidence of educational attainment. It can show a comparison to the national qualification levels and be a Christian alternative to conventional secular education qualifications.


The validation process helps to ensure that learners are getting the most out of their CEEP. It is to objectively clarify and confirm parents and teachers’ assessment and ratings of work entered into their children’s portfolios. CEEP has a team of trained validators who support and partner with parents in assessing and rating learning at the end of a learning year. Each learner is assigned to a validator at enrolment. Validators are available throughout year if learners need help.



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