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Family consultation are tailored to help meet more personal needs and to address specific issues that parents and children may be facing in education. We offer Skype, phone and in the home consultations at flexible and convenient times. As the needs or issues are clearly identified, Christian biblical approaches are identified, presented, discussed and applied as solutions. Examples of the issues that can be addressed include:


  • Setting up Christian education at home
  • Resolving behaviour issues
  • Faith conflict issues in school
  • Dealing with friends & peer pressure
  • School liaison & problem resolution
  • Cultural diversity matters


Any other matters of concern or interest to you regarding your child’s education would be worth putting to us if you are struggling and don’t know what to do. We believe that God's principles of true education can help solve all educational problems.


Consultation Process

Standard Plan

  1. Free initial consultation with you to explain and ascertain the issues/problems — up to 30 mins
  2. Discussion with you, clarifying and confirming issues — up to 1 hour, within 3 days
  3. CES work on Bible-based solutions
  4. Draft solution emailed to you — up to 1 week later
  5. Overview, discussion and clarification of proposed solutions with you — up to 1 hour
  6. You implement and trial solutions — 1 to 2 weeks
  7. Review of implementation process and outcomes to date — up to 1 hour
  8. Modification to solutions emailed to you — within 3 days


Extended Plan

Same as above with ongoing support after initial consultation process — up to 3 months




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