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"Even a child is known by his deeds, Whether what he does is pure and right.."


(PROVERBS 20:11)

Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings; and never before was its diligent study so important as now. Never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous; never before were young men and young women confronted by perils so great as confront them today. (Education 225).


In response to this great need, we offer a range of seminar series, focussing on various aspects of character development. Common challenges that parent face with their children like obedience and discipline are addressed. Our seminars reveal how biblical principles of character development can be practically applied to the individual child enabling them to develope a high quality of consistent Christian character.


Each seminar session lasts for about 2 hours. Seminars are generally put on at the venue of participants, e.g. church, school, community hall etc. Our seminar series are for anyone involved in the character development and education of children and young people—parents, guardians, other relatives, teachers, church leaders, community leaders etc.


Please note: Seminars will be available online from early 2017.


Character Development (3)*

Physical Development (2)

Teaching Obedience (2)

Elements of Character Building (3)

Instructive and Corrective Discipline (3)

Instilling Christian Qualities (2)

Developing Practical Virtues (2)

Early Childhood Development (2)

Attachment & Dependency in Parent Child Relationships (1)

Setting up Christian Home Education (3)

Gift & Calling of the Christian Teacher (2)

Developing God-given Genius (1)

Christianity & the History of Education in Britain (1)




* number of sessions in brackets

Why do many children struggle to hold their own and do what’s right when around other children? What is character and how important is it? Aren’t ability, talent and academic success more important for success in life than character? Who really pays any attention to character quality these days? Is Christian character development an essential part of the education and training?


This seminar series emphasises the importance of character development and identifies key underpinning biblical principles. It highlights the vital significance of character for success and happiness in life. The crucial role of parents is brought to view and how they can help their children buid strong characters—to be leaders rather than followers.




How important is a child’s physical development for their training and education? Are children being taxed physically too early and too much in school?


This seminar series looks at the importance of the laws of health for strong intellectual and moral development. It considers the role of diet, exercise, practical work and temperance in promoting a good physical constitution as a foundation for mental and spiritual development.




Should parents simply accept that their children will be disobedient? Can children be trained to be consistently obedient?

This seminar series considers the vital role of obedience for happiness and success in life. It shows how obedience can be aught from the early stages of life and become a habit.




Is there really a right way to build my child’s character? Why not just bring up my child like most other people bring up their children? After all, don’t they have to fit into society?


This seminar series is a survey of some key elements in character building. Important underlying principles are identified and it shows how the will of the child can be engaged at each stage in their character building.




How do I control my child’s behaviour? Must I accept the occasional tantrum? Is it too late to discipline my child?

This seminar series addresses the object and timing of discipline. It shows the importance of instructive discipline in the first instance and corrective discipline may at times have to be administered. The way to discipline with love and firmness is emphasised.




Is it possible to train children to be pure, true, honest and helpful in today’s world? Wouldn’t they stand out as a little odd?


This seminar series shows how children can be trained today to be Christians in word and deed—how a foundation can be laid for them to be men and women of integrity. It emphasises how the will of the child can be engaged in the acceptance and practice of these qualities.




How do I prevent my child from being lazy and idle? Can my child be hardworking and industrious?

This seminar series how children can be trained to be wise in practical ways—how they can be persevering and diligent in all that they do and become entrepreneurial and successful in their pursuits.




Will my children do better if I get them into formal learning as early as possible? How well do young children manage in the school environment?

This seminare series looks at the the development of young children and how well equipped they are emotionally, socially and pschologically to cope with formal learning. It exposes some of the misconceptions about the need and the ability of young children to get ahead by starting early. A biblical approach to more natural and organic child deveopment is presented as a way forward.




Why is it so hard for my little one to get used to school? Why do my teenagers seem so detached from me and in their own world?


In this seminar, you will learn how children develop strong attachments with their parents, especially in the early years. Then you will see how school can affect this attachment and lead to children becoming dependent on other adults like teachers and their peers. The biblical approach to healthy parent-child attachment will be considered as the best way forward.




Is it legal to educate my children at home? How would they socialise? Could I ever do as well for my child as trained teachers? Wouldn’t it be isolating my child from society? Isn’t it better for my child to be in school as salt and light?


This seminar series considers home education as a viable option for Christian parents. A biblical rationale for home education is presented and its importance and potential. Practical ideas for setting up programmes are presented and the experiences of those who have chosen this option. The historical, legal and procedural aspects of home education are considered.


The series is for parents or guardians who are looking for a better option in their children’s education. It can be for prospective and current home educating parents and those interested in the subject.




Are all teachers really teachers? What qualifies a person to teach? Is teaching an art or a science? What is the biblical gift of teaching? Who does God recognise as a teacher?


This seminar series helps to reveal what the true gift of teaching is from a biblical perspective. It shows that to be a teacher is not just about getting the “right” academic qualifications, but being endowed with a gift and calling from God. It will be brought to view that many who work as teachers and who may even be viewed as successful teachers are not really teachers in the highest sense. The work of parents as first teachers is highlighted and its vital importance expounded.




Is genius exclusive to the chosen few? Is every child including your child capable of genius in some area?

This seminar considers how God has endowed each child great capacity for high attainment in certain areas according to the abilities and talents that He has given them. You will learn how to identify and unlock your child’s genius for their own good and the good of others.




Has education in Britain always been secular in nature? What has been the role of the church in the development of education? How did the state gain control of compulsory education? Is it too late for Christianity to shape or impact educational policy and practice?


In this seminar, you will learn of the history of education in Britain, the role of the church and how secular education came to the fore. It will also give some insights into how Christian influences can still play a part in education.

NOTE: Seminars will be available online from January 2017.

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