Education from God

through His word

Based in the Bible

from its foundational principles

To achieve the purpose of life

revealing true human identity 


In the begining God created the heavens and the earth. (GENESIS 1:1)

For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding; (PROVERBS 2:6)

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. (MARK 12:30).

What is true education?


Our Christian Education

TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMME    preparing true inspired teachers 

Teacher Training Programme Aims


Christian Education Solutions is an education and training service with the purpose of promoting the understanding and practice of God's principles of true education found in the Bible. We seek to train and support parents, teachers and leaders in the home, school, church and other life settings to carry out true education. Thus they will be enabled to build strong Christian characters in their children and young people equipping them for life's true purpose. Through our various programmes, we aim to inform, educate and train those who want to play their part in establishing and carrying out God's mandate for true education today.



All aspects of the programme are derived from the word of God. The main components of education, teaching and the teachers work emerge from core biblical principles.


A combination of face to face and online sessions, incorporating engaging learning activities. Programme facilitator and participants share and learn together on a journey of revelation and discovery towards the ideals of true education.


The content, delivery and outcomes are all useable and geared toward training and equipping Christian teachers who can go forward to establish true education through a range of small school models. 


To give a training in the principles of Christian education, from the Bible 


To equip teachers, parents and interested persons to be able to start, teach and operate small Christian schools


To create a context for teaching, learning, reflection, research and networking in the principles of true education


To support the church in its education mission and the role this plays in finishing of God’s work, before Christ returns.

Purpose of Life Portfolio

  • Do you want an education that is focussed on the real purpose of life that God had for humanity at creation?
  • Are you looking for a Bible-based education programme?


  • Is there a way to be sure that your child's education includes all that is essential and important to life?
  • Do you want an efficient way of planning, documenting, reviewing and displaying your child's learning journey?
  • Would you welcome some support in the Christian education of your child?

        ...then the Purpose of Life Portfolio could work for you


Purpose of Life Portfolio


Essential Learning 

Purpose of Life Focus

Portfolio Advantage

Living Assignments

Annual Validation

We also offer...


Help with home education matters, getting started, the law, curriculum etc.


Christian education books and support materials for teachers and parents 


Informing you of our upcoming  programmes and Christian education news