Living Assigments

Living and Learning through Real Life Assignments

Living Assigments

The Purpose of Life Portfolio is based on a comprehensive range of assignments covering many and varied areas of life. These assignments can be engaged in by different age groups and abilities in appropriate ways. In the  portfolio, these assignments are called living assignments.

Areas of Learning and Development

Each living assignment includes a wide range of areas of learning and development including the following examples:  

Physical Powers: Hand-eye coordination, Strength, Speed, Balance,  Stamina, Agility, Accuracy

Mental Faculties: Conscience, Creativity, Imagination,  Intellect, Memory,  Reason, Will

Practical Skills: Plant Care, Environmental management,  Homemaking,  Food preparation, Transportation, Resource management, Animal Care

Mental Competences: Spatial Awareness, Challenge solving, Enquiry, Musical, Decision-making, Mathematical, Language

Character Traits: Perseverance, Patience, Love, Kindness, Caring,Cooperation, Obedience, Resilience

Social/ Corporate Learning: Collaboration, Communication, Relationships Interpersonal, Leadership/ Teaching, Service, Authority

Subject Knowledge Bank: E.g. History, Science, Religion, Geography, Health,  Design

Spiritual: Knowing God, Communing with God, Seeking guidance of God,  Growing in Image of God,  Sharing about God.

Living Assignments 


Living assignments are learning assignments, patterned after the original learning assignments that God gave to humanity at creation and then after the fall. These assignments are called living because they take place in the context of real life activity. They are not abstract or merely theoretical as many learning assignments are today in conventional education.

  • comprising life's essential activities, duties, needs and   relationships
  • practical and hands on
  • integrating many practical and vocational skills as well as many academic areas of learning and subjects
  • creating learning and development opportunities: mental, physical, spiritual, social, emotional
  • formulating solutions to challenges, discovery, doing, making,
  • designing, organising through a range of constructive and creative activities
  • involving the God-given sources of learning: study of the Bible and nature, useful work and life’s experiences
  • provide opportunity for development of a wide range of character traits
  • focused on and aiding in experiencing the true purpose for life - restoration to the image and likeness of God
  • Interconnected with other living assignments.

Living Assignment Map

Planning and Recording Process

For each Living Assignment, there are several pages in the portfolio for planning and recording educational performance. Pages include guidance, tables with entry cells for inputting information as follows:  

Introduction and Ideas: An overview of the living assignment and some ideas for getting started with planning

Planning: Entry tables for weekly planning of the different aspects of the  living assignment

Language Competence: Entry tables for weekly planning of the language development opportunities in the living assignment

Mathematical Competence: Entry tables for weekly planning of the mathematical development opportunities the living assignment

Recording: Entry tables for weekly documenting of work done on the  living assignments

Assessment: Entry tables for comments on how well your child has performed in their living assignments with a rating option

Progress Tracking: Score table and corresponding diagrams to show  monthly progress

Tutorial: A step by step tutorial guide explaining what to do for all entry tables

Validation: Each living assignment will be reviewed and summarised as a part of the annual validation process.

Tutorial Video


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