Programme Options

Membership Options

The Purpose of Life Portfolio offers an education support service for parents and children along with the portfolio. This includes the following membership options:

  1. Coaching for parents
  2. Coaching for parents and tutoring for older children (mainly language and mathematical competence)
  3. Just portfolio, no coaching or tutoring
  • Coaching and tutoring sessions all year round or during school term times only
  • Sessions are 60 minutes and can be once per week or once per month
  • Weekly session time can be divided into two 30 minutes periods or three 20 minutes periods per week via Zoom or on the phone
  • All of the above membership options will include portfolio maintenance, updates and anual validation of portfolios
  • Collaboration Forum for sharing ideas and experiences between families.


Annual payment of £100 for each learner portfolio

£25 per week for 60 minutes coaching and/or tutoring time for any number of children

Extra hours at same rate if desired

Payments to be made monthly

Payment to be made by bank transfer in to the following account:

Wellness Events

Sort Code: 77-27-18

Account no: 12683160

Donations can also be made to the above account.


through His word

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. (ISAIAH 54:13)

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