Teachers' CPD

Meeting your Christian education training needs



Do you have teachers in your school who have never had a training in Christian education?

Do you want a training for new teachers joining your school?

Our full Christian Education Teacher Training Programme can be carried in your school for the whole staff, for a selected group of staff or for individual staff members.

Training can be done face to face in person or through an online platform.


You can select individual or blocks of units that might best meet your current CPD needs. The Practical Research Project can also be done for specific areas of your school or staff development that you may want to focus on.

Examples could be:

  • How to use the Bible in Education
  • Financing Small Schools
  • Alternative Qualifications and Accreditation.


Do you have Christian education needs that you are struggling to meet?

Or do you have specific Christian education issues or needs that you would like to address?

If none of our current unit or project topics are relevant to your needs. We can tailor bespoke training sessions to meet your needs.

Alternatively, you may want to collaborate with us in developing fresh understanding, new methods and important answers for Christian education.